Busted! Tyrese Caught His Valentine Googling His Net Worth During Date

by Adam Pliskin

As I'm sure you well know, Valentine's Day was a thing that happened this weekend.

But, Valentine's isn't just a holiday regular folk celebrate. Celebrities celebrate it, too.

One of those celebs is Tyrese Gibson. According to an Instagram post by the man himself, Tyrese went on a date with a young lady.

While on the date, Tyrese's phone died so he asked the girl if he could borrow hers to Google something.

When he did, he found she had been looking up his net worth, which happens to be $25 million.

It's unclear how Tyrese handled the situation, but he clearly wasn't happy based on his Instagram caption.

Tyrese later deleted the post, which raises some red flags about its veracity. Still, it makes for a pretty great Valentine's Day tale.

Here's the post:

Tyrese followed up with another Instagram, claiming the story is totally true.

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