6 Of Tom Hiddleston's Most Embarrassing Moments During Hiddleswift

by Hope Schreiber





My old friend...


Well, the cat's out of the bag. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are no more.

Is love dead? Oh, absolutely, but it has long been dead. However's Hiddleswift ending is just another blow to love and romance.

Would it be a stretch to say that Tom was Taylor's rebound after Calvin Harris? We've all been there, one way or another.

It's a tale as old as time.

You get out of a long term relationship and then throw yourself into a new one that is filled with passion, love and steps taken way too eagerly and then, ultimately, it ends as swiftly as it began.

And sometimes, well, you're on the short end of the stick. You find yourself wrapped up in this dramatic and eager love.

Such is the case of Tom Hiddleston.

After the whirlwind romance that lasted three months, T-Swift and T-Hidds are no more.

Reportedly, she was the one to pump the brakes. Hiddleston is, meanwhile, "embarrassed that the relationship fizzled out." I mean, they met his family! He was talking marriage! That is a lot after three months.

(Also, I know we've only known each other since you clicked this link to read, but I would love if you met my parents and also if you would marry me.)

That said, this probably isn't the only thing Tom should feel embarrassed about. There is a number of things that happened during this relationship that are sure to make him cringe for years.

Let's recap!

Please recall this regrettable "I Heart T.S." tank top.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have done a lot of pathetic things to woo a lady.

Once, I visited an elderly woman in a nursing home for months telling her stories about myself and my fantastic upbringing just to realize she wasn't actually my girlfriend's grandmother. Yikes!

But wearing a tank top to the beach that claims your love for a girl?

No, no sir, I have not done that. Not only is it very tacky, and seems to acknowledge the paparazzi that is obsessed with your girlfriend, but who wears a tank top to the beach? What are you hiding?

Literally everyone knows you made out on a rock.

High school is pretty tough, but had news spread that I made out on a rock once, I may have never lived it down.

Get a room! Public displays of affection just make every lonely person feel bad, and they will take it out on you!

Let's not forget when Taylor met Tom's parents...

Speaking from personal experience, you should never introduce a person to your family you don't plan on marrying.

Long after you guys break up, they'll ask, "Whatever happened to that Taylor girl? She was such a lovely girl."

Or, worse, when you introduce a new lover to your loved ones, right in front of her face they'll ask, "How is Taylor? Why, we miss her!"

Whatever this is, it's not good.

I... cannot comment on this. It is too much for my little soul.

Remember when Ryan Reynolds' eyes were screaming for help?

Like, we know it's the honeymoon phase but please do not lay it on so thick...

His reenactment of "Cool Runnings" was not cool.

One time, at a waterpark, I went down a slide, and as soon as I hit the water my top flew off. I feel this isn't as bad, but at the same time, that is a face no one would want plastered all over social media.

But don't fret, Tom. We're sure it will be a matter of time before this is all swept under the rug.

Relationships come and go, that we know for sure. Breakups are tough, and we all have done some embarrassing things in the name of love.

I'm not sure about that tank top though.