This Woman's Babies Look Exactly Like Tiger Woods And Jay Z (Photo)

Jay Z is the king of hip-hop. He's also a grown-ass man. Did you ever wonder what he looked like as a child? Well, I'm sure there are photos of Jay Z as a kid floating around the Internet.

But, in case you don't feel like searching for those, here's a photo of a baby who looks just like Jay Z. The even crazier part of all of this, though, is that the other kid in the photo looks just like a young Tiger Woods.

This, of course, begs the question: Did the woman in this photo (if she's even their mom) have affairs with both Tiger and Jay? Is she the real reason for the collapse of Tiger's marriage and the coming collapse of Jay's?

Probably not. For one thing, Tiger likes porn stars and Chili's waitresses. I think Jay has a little more class than that. But, who knows? It'd be one hell of a story if this otherwise benign-looking woman toppled two major celebrity marriages.

Regardless, these young celebrity doppelgangers are adorable. Check out the eerie resemblances down below.

Here's what Jay Z looks like as an adult man:

And here's his baby twin:

Now, this is Tiger all grown up:

And here's his young clone:

Pretty uncanny, right?

H/T: BuzzFeed, Photos Courtesy: Tumblr / Getty Images