The Weeknd Performed At The Grammys And Didn't Know What To Do With His Hands

by Hope Schreiber

While his girlfriend Selena Gomez "can't keep her hands to herself," it's pretty obvious The Weeknd has no friggin' idea what to do with his.

The singer, who's real name is Abel Tesfaye, is known to be a bit weary of the spotlight, and that is obvious during his performance at the Grammys.

As a shy person, you constantly feel like people are watching you and judging you, so much that you tend to overthink everything. This includes normal human hand movements.

Just look at this mess:


If I was Daft Punk I would be concerned about getting slapped and my helmet flying off.

And Twitter totally recognized his cringe-worthy hand-dancing.


So if you were like "PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN," you weren't alone.


Secondhand embarrassment is very real.


Are you saying it wasn't that bad and we're all overreacting?!

Did you miss this:

His hand moved 13 different ways in this three second GIF alone.

He reaches out to the audience, doesn't want to seem to needy and draws his hand back to himself, then realizes he needs the audience.

The Weeknd was a real life Ricky Bobby.

Personally speaking, Mr. The Weeknd... May I call you Weeknd?

Weeknd, this awkward faux pas can be avoided if you just employ your pockets. This is why I never buy clothing without them, plus where would I put my wallet and all of those phone numbers beautiful people are always giving me?

If you think standing on stage with your hands in your pocket is weird -- it is! But so was this moment...

He can't even pick which awkward hand to hold his microphone in. This is why we don't give this man a hands-free device.

At least one hand is occupied. Imagine what sort of jazz hand torture we'd be witnessing if it wasn't.