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Sophie From 'The Holiday' Looks Like This Today

The holidays are almost over, so you should have gotten your annually viewing of "The Holiday" in already.

The Christmas movie, which came out 10 years ago in 2006, stars Jude Law as a widower who has two adorable daughters.

Personally, I find Law too pretty to be attractive (who wants a guy that's prettier than them?), but I fell for him hard in this movie.

Cameron Diaz's character originally suspects Law's character Graham was sleeping with other women. He was actually on the phone with his daughters.

I totally understand why Diaz's character fell for him, too: he builds pillow forts with his kids! His sole purpose in life is to make them happy! He doesn't have time to sleep with other women because he's busy raising little women!

But those little girls aren't little girls anymore. They probably haven't spent time in a pillow fort for years, which is a shame because pillow forts are really fun.

Sophie, played by Miffy Englefield, was 7 years old when she appeared in the movie.

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Miffy Englefield, which, yes, is the most British name in the world, is now 17 years old and studies performing arts at college.


While studying acting in school, Miffy also works part-time at McDonald's.


Just over a year ago, the actress shaved her head for charity.


It takes a lot of chutzpah to shave off your hair for a great cause.

Miffy told OK! that acting is still a big part of her future. She said,

It's still something I'm ridiculously passionate about. I'd definitely love to work again in the acting world, the experiences I gained from the things I've done in the past were incredible and I'd love to carry it on.

She describes herself as "[l]oud and mostly ridiculous. Musical being and common as muck."

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