Who Is In 'The Bold Type?' Meet The Stars Of The Hot New Show

I started watching The Bold Type on a whim one morning. I put it on as background noise, but quickly became extremely invested. After bingeing for hours, I can say I really like this show. It has depth and covers a lot of issues that many of us experience in our 20s.

One of the best parts of the show is the cast. All the characters are super charismatic and genuinely fun to watch. Plus, they seriously all have perfect eyebrows. This is not a joke, see for yourself. Meet the main characters of The Bold Type.

Katie Stevens

On The Bold Type, Katie Stevens plays Jane Sloan. She's an ambitious 20-something who was just promoted from assistant to writer for Scarlet magazine, her dream job.

In real life, Stevens received her first big break on American Idol in 2010, when she was just 16. Then, in 2014, Stevens scored a role as Karma Ashcroft on MTV's rom-com series Faking It.

However, she knows what it's like to come from humble beginnings. After Idol, Stevens had a moment of self-doubt and quit music. Needing to support herself, she got a job at Sprinkles Cupcakes. Yes, the famous Sprinkles with the Cupcake ATM.

She told People during a recent interview,

Looking back, it was the best thing I ever did and I feel so humbled by it. I really do feel like the experience for me was that moment in my life where I was like, 'I don't want this to be my life. I want my career to start.'

Aisha Dee

Aisha Dee plays the character of Kat, strong go-getter who is the social media director at Scarlet. She always speaks her mind and has the self confidence that all young women should have.

It turns out, Dee really connects with Kat. During an interview with CBS, she opened up about her career and confidence.

She is a character that has her own power and isn't afraid to speak her mind, but she's also not perfect. She has flaws and makes mistakes. Those mistakes don't mean that she isn't powerful, they just mean she is a human who is not perfect. All humans are a little flawed, so I connected with that.

According to her IMDb page, the Australian-born actress got her start in 2008 as Desiree Biggins on The Saddle Club. She's acted pretty steadily since then. Her biggest roles include the shows I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Chasing Life, and Sweet/Vicious.

Meghann Fahy

Meghann Fahy's character, Sutton, is the hardest working assistant in Manhattan. She's super ambitious and trying to figure out what her next life move will be. Her character touches on the issue of being 26 and feeling like she's "running out of time." Same, Sutton, same. I find her character very relatable. Plus, she has a smoking hot on-screen love interest.

Fahy got her first acting gig on Gossip Girl in 2009. She has an impressive resume that includes the popular TV shows Chicago FireLaw And Order: SVU, and many more. So, yeah, that's why she looks so familiar.

Melora Hardin

Melora Hardin plays boss babe Jacqueline. The character is loosely based on Joanna Coles, former editor-in-chief at Cosmopolitan and current chief content officer at Hearst magazines. Coles also serves as executive producer on The Bold Type.

Hardin is an excellent actress and I was pumped she was cast on this show. Many people recognize her from her famed role as Jan on The Office. Hardin also played Tammy on Transparent, scoring her an Emmy nomination.

Samuel Page

Samuel Page plays Richard Hunter. He is dating/crushing on Sutton. At first, I was expecting him to be a player, but he's so much more. Ugh, I love him.

Page was a regular on Mad MenGossip Girl, and Desperate Housewives, so you've definitely seen him around.

He is a father to an almost-year-old son, Logan, and an adorable golden retriever.

Matt Ward

Matt Ward plays Alex, a staff writer at Scarlet. I didn't see a ton of him in the first three episodes, but he is promised to be one of the main characters. With the interesting dynamic of a male writer at a predominately female workplace, I'm excited to see what happens with Alex next.

You may recognize Ward from Charlie St. Cloud, Tooth Fairy, and Supernatural.

I really do love this cast, the show has amazing chemistry. If you haven't checked out The Bold Type, I highly recommend. It's on every Tuesday at 9/8c on Freeform.