'Bachelorette' Rachel Took Peter To The Fantasy Suite And Twitter Is Jealous AF

by Laura Rizzo

Well, Bachelor Nation, we have made it to final week. Only one question is looming — Do Rachel and Peter have sex in the fantasy suite? Relax, I'm kidding! Not really, though. Call it perverted, call it trashy, but the fantasy suite dates get the most buzz of any episode. My guess is because it has a thick haze of mystery surrounding it. What happens behind those closed doors? While no one really knows for sure, that didn't stop me from investigating.

Rachel is very outspoken about the process behind The Bachelorette. Like Peter, she was also a top three finalist during Nick Viall's season, so she's no stranger to the fantasy suite. Back then, she didn't think she would go all the way, but then wavered. She told People,

When it comes to the fantasy suite, when I was on Nick [Viall]'s season, I said I wasn't going to do it. One, because I didn't think I'd make it that far — but by the time I got there, my feelings for Nick were strong. I was falling in love with him. For me, that private time was really important to see if what we had was the same on camera as it was off.

However, this season, she definitely took a more calculated approach. Rachel told Entertainment Tonight that she used her time in the fantasy suites to ask each contestant a list of questions she had in order to see if they were the same person off-camera. Apparently, they all passed.

As for Peter, it's hard to say. Obviously, Rachel doesn't kiss and tell. In the promos leading up to the August 7 episode, it looked like Peter might not even get invited into the fantasy suite. However, since he is Peter, he obvi got the invite.

Rachel expressed that she was having concerns and wanted more time to talk things through with Peter. However, both of them talk about their crazy, strong connection. Since we'll never know, we have to guess. Twitter is all about it.

Even though Rachel Lindsay doesn't kiss and tell, it looks like Twitter definitely does. I guess what happens in the fantasy suite, stays in the fantasy suite. Sigh.