Eric Asks ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel’s Mom If He Can Propose And It Was So Cringeworthy

by Laura Rizzo

The three final men on The Bachelorette had the opportunity to meet Rachel Lindsay's family. After being grilled about his past relationships, Eric asked Lindsay's mother for permission to propose. Although she said yes, the conversation was so cringeworthy.

This was the first time Eric has met a girl's family in seven years. He was very nervous. Overall, he did an OK job at being himself, but he also managed to be super awkward the whole time. He just talked way too much about his insecurities, and it made everyone uncomfortable.

Pros: Good eye contact, smiled a lot, received permission to propose to Rachel.

Cons: Talked too much about his flaws, brought up Prom, made everything awkward.

Eric has had his ups and downs this season, but you can't spell "facade" without a "P-H."

Laugh all you want at his poor spelling, but he still got a kiss from Rachel. Peter hit it out of the park during his visit with Rachel's family. He set the bar way, way high for Eric. Although Eric did... fine... during his visit, he was no Peter.

Eric made a very wordy case for his proposal.

Peter destroyed anyone's chance of having a better visit.

Her mom said yes, but her eyes said no.

People are definitely not seeing Eric as a frontrunner.

It was a very, very uncomfortable conversation.

One of the two times Eric has met a girl's family was literally Prom. Like, in high school.

Overall, Eric is a perfectly nice guy. He's got a lot going for him. His hometown date with Rachel in Baltimore was super sweet. His family had an amazing energy and Eric is a genuine guy.

Even though people have him pegged as the underdog, I think Eric may come through and surprise viewers during the final weeks. That could happen, or he'll end up on Bachelor In Paradise one day. Either way, I'm not mad about it.