Taylor Swift Posted A New Snake Video And It's The Most Terrifying One So Far


Taylor Swift posted a third snake video on her Instagram and Twitter, and this time, we're finally seeing the snake's face. And it's honestly kind of creepy. The 10-second video shows the head of the snake slithering around. Since Swift has been called a snake online by her critics ever since Kim Kardashian exposed her on Snapchat last year, people on Twitter are wondering: Are Taylor Swift's snake Instagrams about Kim Kardashian? Fans think this is Swift throwing shade.

I'm personally a little frightened to see what Swift's new single has to do with this snake, as Swift loves to stir the pot when it comes to her beef with other celebrities. Before you Swifties get all angry with me, let's just consider the fact that Swift has shamed people in her songs and videos before... it's kind of her thing. Though she's never called these people out by name in the lyrics, Swift writes about her own life, and she's all but flat-out confirmed that some songs are about the people she's had beef with in the past.

These people include Camilla Belle in the song "Better Than Revenge," John Mayer in "Dear John," Katy Perry in "Bad Blood," and seemingly all of her other famous ex-boyfriends (Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles) in most of her other songs. Now, it seems like her new single might be coming after Kim Kardashian. So, remind me who the petty one here is...?

Regardless of the career's worth of shade Swift has thrown, her fans are all for her taking the whole "snake" thing and making it her own.

And they're also really supportive of Swift coming after Kardashian in her new music.

And yeah, cool, it's empowering to take words that are meant to hurt you, own them, and redefine them as something positive (that's exactly how "nasty woman" became a badge of honor for women during the election). But what's not cool is if you only uplift yourself while simultaneously putting down others.

Of course, there's no confirmation that Swift is going to be calling out Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in her new single, but if history repeats itself, then it's definitely a possibility. And I mean, come on, she's posting videos of a snake. That's directly tied to her beef with Kim Kardashian. I think it's safe to say Swift is definitely looking to strike again, and honestly, we shouldn't give her a pass on it.

If she does further the Kimye beef in her upcoming single — reportedly called "Timeless" — then she's sending a really bad message to fans that says if people say something bad about you, you have every right to come after them and do something to tear them down as well. That is the polar opposite message Swift sent in "Shake It Off" that says people can hate all they want, all you have to do is love yourself and keep living your life.

In other words, Swift plays the victim by saying not to pay attention to haters in some songs, and then turns around and does the exact opposite by publicly shaming her haters in other songs, and her fans cheer her on for both. From an outsider's point of view, it makes it seem like she feels she's allowed to say anything she wants about people because they pissed off the great Taylor Swift. That doesn't really fit my definition of "empowering."