Taylor Swift's Latest Instagram May Prove The "Old Taylor" Isn't Dead After All


Taylor Swift is back. Well, you knew that, of course, since the recent debut of her music video for "Look What You Made Me Do" at the VMAs and her follow-up song "...Ready For It?" We're talking about Taylor Swift's latest Instagram post, which may just show that the "Old Taylor" is still alive and kicking, despite the "LWYMMD" reference to her old personas being dead.

Swift took an Instagram break in August, clearing the slate, and generally freaking fans out that she had left social media forever. Then she returned in true Swift-fashion, posting some teaser-y snake videos before finally announcing her first single, followed by details of her new album release, Reputation, coming out Nov. 10.

Well played. Everyone was fully on the Taylor train and feeling pretty happy that she graced us all with her Instagram presence yet again.

Now, today, she's back with something – dare I say it? – amazing. First came a look at Swift, head poked into a refrigerator, with the caption: “Such a taxing day when they're like 'eat some cookie dough' and you're like 'OK I'll make this sacrifice for my art.” She linked to an AT&T video and people were off and running.

The video they landed at was a behind-the-scenes look at an AT&T-DirecTV commercial, with Swift explaining the concept as a "day in the life" look at her existence. Cool.

Yes, fans are totally on board with seeing what Swift's day looks like, which basically involves singing in the studio, eating cooking dough... and eating food off of her shirt. Been there. Also, sounds a bit like "Old Taylor" to me. Just sayin'.

She later posted the full AT&T commercial, which involves a pretty epic fight with Andy Samberg. The two have a stare down, a thumb war, and eventually Swift kicks Samberg's ass. Naturally.

Unfortunately, they run out of time in the ad as Swift counts down her new song, because of course.

Swift also posted another behind-the-scenes look on her Instagram, so you can really learn more about her relationship with her cat. She explained, “Some real tough questions I had for Olivia." And tough they were: “Are you my baby wolverine? Are you the princess of Meowtown?,” and more amazing quips, including, “Do you want to write some songs?”

Now we know where she gets some of her song inspo.