Taylor Swift Third-Wheeled Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik And Everyone's Laughing


Taylor Swift is newly single and living it up.

The 1989 singer spent her Monday night third-wheeling Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, so that sounds... fun?

What's better than hanging out with another couple right after you and your BF break up? Nothing!

I guess now that her relationship with Tom Hiddleston ended, Taylor has a lot of free time. She hit the NYC streets with ZiGi and stood at an awkward arm's length from them.

Romantic! Cute! Sweet!

People immediately started making fun of Taylor for her crazy night out. Uhh, oops?!

Fans just couldn't believe Taylor left the house without a man. BREAKING NEWS! SHOCKING!

Things did turn ugly, though. Many people called her a "snake" and questioned why ZiGi was around her.


People even accused Taylor of starting to infringe of Gigi's relationship with Zayn.


Welp, what was supposed to be an innocent night out with friends sure turned into a lot of drama. Thanks, internet!

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