Taylor Swift Wasn't At The Emmys, But Everyone Made Fun Of Her Anyway

by Katie Corvino

Tom Hiddleston proudly walked the red carpet without a lady by his side Sunday night at the Emmys.

After his break up with Taylor Swift, fans eagerly awaited to see who the actor would choose as his date, but it looks like he went solo.

Tom actually skipped the red carpet, which ended up being a great tactic to avoid answering questions about his ex-girlfriend.

But even though Taylor wasn't physically in attendance, she was still the star of the show.

Yup, the 1989 singer wasn't at the Emmys, but everyone made fun of her anyway.

People on Twitter roasted Taylor Swift for not coming to the Emmys with Tom Hiddleston.


Many made jokes about what her reaction to the show would be while watching from home.


Things got pretty brutal at one point, not gonna lie.

Seriously, everyone wouldn't shut up about the girl. CAN WE LEAVE TAYLOR ALONE?


Guess not!

When Tom Hiddleston presented an award with the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra, you know Twitter exploded with comments.


I guess Tom will forever be known as "one of Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends." Stay strong, dude.


We're here for you!


Should we just call this "The Taylor Swift Show" or what? HOLY MOLY.


Taylor also skipped the VMAs, so maybe she's just staying out of the spotlight for a little? Who knows.

Either way, I wish her good luck with whatever awards show she decides to attend next.

According to Twitter, she's gonna need it.