It Looks Like Emma Watson Is Now Part Of Taylor Swift's Girl Gang (Photo)

It would be nice to have a group of friends that included famous actresses, supermodels and pop stars, but we can't all be as lucky as Taylor Swift.

And now, it seems as if Taylor expanded the size of her awesome posse by adding Emma Watson into the mix.

The two were spotted backstage at Taylor's show in London.

They snapped this killer photo alongside Martha Hunt, Karlie Kloss, Sydney Sierota and Lauren Aquilina.

Chances are your friends aren't as cool or as glamorous as this pack of lovely ladies.

But, at least now you have something to aspire to.

Check out the photo below.

spent tonight surrounded by badass girls and couldn't be happier about it — Lauren Aquilina (@laurenaquilina) June 28, 2015

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