Taylor Swift Fires Back At Photographer Who Criticized Her Apple Rant


Taylor Swift was able to change Apple's ways when it came to paying artists on its streaming service, Apple Music, but now, the singer is facing another battle.

Freelance photographer Jason Sheldon called Taylor out in his own blog post for not adequately compensating the photographers who snap her photos on her tours.

Sheldon claims a freelance photographer can only use a photo of Taylor once for monetary gain. After that, Taylor owns the rights to the photo, and it can not be reprinted without her consent.

The photographer wrote,

Sheldon continued his argument by saying,

However, Taylor is not one to remain quiet about things like this.

So, she had a spokesperson respond to Sheldon's claims.

The spokesperson said,

And there you have it. Taylor put the haters in their places once again. Game, set, match.

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