Superfan Meets T Swift After Getting Married In The Concert's Parking Lot

You'll never be a bigger Taylor Swift fan than Katy Harris.

Instead of opting for a lavish hall surrounded by her friends and family, Katy Harris and her fiancé, Chris, decided to tie the knot in the parking lot of a Taylor Swift concert.

Below are Katy and Chris after saying "I do" in the parking lot of Lincoln Financial Field.

Taylor Swift fans, do you hear that sound? That's the sound of the bar being raised.

And here is Taylor Swift "crashing" the couple's Taylor Swift-themed wedding reception.

According to another post on Harris' Instagram, the couple planned on getting married in a more traditional setting on Taylor's 25th birthday last year, but it didn't work out.

Katy still had her wedding gown hanging in the closet, and while she was making the couple's costumes for the concert, she joked she should just wear her gown instead.

That joke slowly turned into reality, and the couple decided to hold their nuptials in the parking lot before going in to the concert.

Here is Harris' post, detailing the series of events leading up to their wedding at Taylor's concert.

The story was posted on Instagram with the hopes of capturing Swift's attention -- and it did.

During the concert, Swift's mother brought the couple on stage to meet Taylor and take the coolest wedding picture of all time.

A major mazel tov to the new couple and major props for the new groom who, according to his wife's post, supports her borderline obsessive love of all things Taylor enough to get married on a slab of asphalt in Philadelphia.

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