Taylor Swift Got Bangs Again And The Internet Is Having A Meltdown

What's the best way to get over a break up?

Get a new hair cut!

I actually don't know if that's a thing, but it sounds like changing up your image could help heal a broken heart. Let's ask Taylor Swift how her new 'do is working out for her.

YEAHHH, Tay got a haircut! She decided to switch things up by getting a layered style.

On top of that, the girl brought back her bangs. So say "goodbye" to her eyebrows because you'll never see those things again!

The 1989 singer showed off her hair at Liberty Ross' birthday party this weekend.

She took several photos with celebrity stylist Gareth Bromell and they're hilarious.

Friendship goals.

Taylor partied it up Saturday night in Los Angeles with everyone from James Corden to Mary J Blige.

Oh yeah, that's my kind of party.

Taylor also apparently had a blast dancing with Gwyneth Paltrow, so I guess she's really living up the single girl life. Get it, giiirl.

BUT BACK TO WHAT THIS POST IS ABOUT. Taylor's hairdo. Instead of rocking her usual side-sweepin' bangs, those babies now run straight across her forehead.


Here, compare those to her bangs from the "Shake It Off" music video. SEE WHAT I MEAN?


It's obviously quite different from her platinum blonde edgy look at the Met Gala. Remember that?


She ditched the look when she broke up with Calvin Harris and started dating Tom Hiddleston, but we will never forget.

See, switching up your style must help with closure???

I wouldn't know, I've been single for years.

Haha, fuck my life.

Anyway, if Taylor Swift has bangs, we all need bangs!


Ehhh, maybe not all of us.

This guy knows what's up.


Same bro, same.

Thanks for always being our hair inspiration, Taylor Swift!

BRB, ordering clip-in bangs ASAP.

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