Carmen From 'Spy Kids' Posts First Pics Of Newborn Son

Hey, remember that movie, "Spy Kids"?

Of course you do — it's only one of the greatest cinematic masterpieces of the early 2000s.

And remember Carmen, aka actress Alexa PenaVega? Remember how badass she was?


Well, guess what? Carmen's about to raise her very own spy kid. Homegirl just gave birth to her first child!

(I know, I feel old, too.)

Formerly Alexa Vega, the 28-year-old "Spy Kids" actress welcomed her son, Ocean King, with 27-year-old singer Carlos PenaVega (formerly Carlos Pena of Big Time Rush.)

Alexa gave birth last week, and finally posted some pictures of the newest PenaVega to Instagram this weekend.

And like a true spy kid, baby Ocean is freakin' adorable.


Look at those adorable baby arm rolls! That baby nose! Those baby fingers!

It looks like Ocean's getting plenty of rest on his dad's chest.

Congrats to Alexa and Carlos for literally creating a new human being out of nothing!

The husband and wife first announced their pregnancy news in June.

Carlos posted a photo of the positive pregnancy on his Instagram.

He wrote in the caption,

Breaking news! It's #ClearblueConfirmed! There is going to be a new cool kid in town… And by cool I mean dorky just like their father. A little PenaVega is on the way!!! #ItsHappening #HolyWow #Imgoingtobeadaddy #clearbluepartner

Just a week ago, Alexa was looking very pregnant. (But luckily, she still found time to promote her fit tea sponsor.)

And so the next generation of "Spy Kids" begins, and the spy kid becomes the spy mom.

Of course, you'd think Juni might want to stop by to visit his newborn nephew, too, but Daryl Sabara's probably too busy dating Meghan Trainor and being hot now.

Still, I can't wait for little Ocean to watch his mother's movies when he gets older and realize Antonio Banderas is basically his grandfather.


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