OMG: The Spice Girls Had A Mini-Reunion At A Music Festival In England

The Spice Girls had a mini-reunion this past weekend at the Isle of Wight Music Festival in the UK. Not all of the band members were there, unfortunately.

Ginger, Sporty and Baby Spice all showed up for the fun.

That's right, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Mel C were all in the same place at the same time.

And wouldn't you know it? They took photos together. How crazy is that? Photographic images!

Well, you don't want to read anymore. You want to see those pics. Check them out below.

Here are the three Spice Girls together again.

Great to see @EmmaBunton @MelanieCmusic Isle of Wight. — Geri Horner (@GeriHalliwell) June 14, 2015

Flower power!

#FriendshipNeverEnds @MelanieCmusic @EmmaBunton @GeriHalliwell — Kevsie (@Kevsie) June 14, 2015

It was all hugs and kisses for these former bandmates.

Ginger showed up in style.

On way to Isle of Wight festival. Can't wait to see fleetwood Mac . The chain. — Geri Horner (@GeriHalliwell) June 14, 2015

Here's Ginger next to a Spice Girls bus. What a kook!

look what I found in Isle of Wight-the spice bus !@EmmaBunton @OfficialMelB @MelanieCmusic @victoriabeckham — Geri Horner (@GeriHalliwell) June 14, 2015

A little blurry, but still adorable.

Love my girls! @MelanieCmusic and @GeriHalliwell — Emma Bunton (@EmmaBunton) June 15, 2015

Sporty and Baby having fun in the sun.

Baby fits right in with the music festival crowd.

How chill is this chick, bro?

Here they are spending time with a fan.

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