Sofia Vergara Had A 102-Degree Fever, Still Looks Amazing

If you took comfort in the fact even the most beautiful people in the world sometimes get sick and look like crap, sorry...

Sofia Vergara, who is currently in Italy filming "Bent," a film directed by Robert Moresco, apparently caught a cold while shooting in the rain in Rome.

(God, even how she caught the cold sounds glamorous.)

The actress posted a sick selfie on Instagram while she was trying to recoup from a 102-degree fever.

She wrote,

I just [realized] that 102 fever gives u the perfect shades of pink. I need this colors @covergirl #Imawimp #thatswhatigetforshootingintherain #iwouldntmakeitpast2daysonNakedandAfraid.

So, how do I put this into perspective?

Vergara with a 102-degree fever still looks flawless and one time when I was really sick in high school, I dreamt I had a tissue and I woke up blowing my nose on my blanket. I was so sick I just rolled over a little in my bed to avoid my own snot-blankie.

Vergara even posted the evidence of how she got sick.


But Vergara was taking care of herself in Italy, at least. Or room service was -- we can never be sure.

The "Modern Family" actress must have started to feel better, because she swapped out soup for steak.

Vergara is co-starring in "Bent" with Karl Urban, Andy Garcia and "Empire's" Grace Byers.

She plays a government agent in the thriller that follows Urban's character, a former narcotics detective, who wants revenge against the person who framed him and killed his partner.

It's somewhat comforting to know even on her worst day, Sofia Vergara is still more beautiful than I am on my best day. We all need certain constants in our lives, and I, in a way, am happy she can be one for me.

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