Sofia Richie Complains About Birthday Gone Wrong After Justin Bieber Visit

Spare a thought for Justin Bieber's rumored girlfriend Sofia Richie, whose 18th birthday is going all sorts of wrong.

That sounded sarcastic, but the teenager was in the doctor's office just before her big day, and that's pretty sucky.

She posted a picture on Snapchat and wrote,

Of course I'm sick day before my birthday.. Anything else want to go wrong?

Sofia didn't elaborate. We're not pointing a finger at Bieber or anything, but she was seen at his Toluca Lake mansion earlier that day.

But her apparent illness hasn't stopped her from spreading the b-day love.

She posted a picture on Instagram of her brother, Miles Richie.

She wrote,

I am turning 18 tonight people!!!!! Words don't describe how much I miss my bob. 18 doesn't feel right without you. Thank you for never turning your back on me and always being my rock. Come home so I can have a hug and feel right again. So blessed to have someone like you in my life @bobbyskallywags.

FIGHT THE ILLNESS, SOFIA. Here's to the big 1-8.