So Smooth: Prince Harry Allegedly Woos Emma Watson By Emailing Her

Most of us already worship Emma Watson, feminist heroine and sole female star of Harry Potter, as if she were a queen. Now, she just might become a real one.

Rumor has it that she's dating Prince Harry.

Woman's Day Australia was the first to break the news of the alleged romance, in an “exclusive” confirming details of the budding (alleged) romance.

According to an anonymous “insider,” the party-happy prince sought out the 24-year-old actress upon learning of her split with longtime boyfriend, Matthew Janney.

The source reports that the redheaded royal enlisted the help of mutual friends to set him up with the Brown University alum.

Reportedly, the 30-year-old bachelor sent Watson an email inviting her to a party, because, as the source explains, “A party shows that he's fun and not stuffy.”

She obliged, they “hit it off” and the rest is history.

“He's smitten,” the source revealed. “And it's more than Emma's looks.”

Whether the gossip is true or not remains to be seen, but that hasn't stopped the Internet from freaking out (with Harry Potter references galore).

You guys. If Emma Watson & Prince Harry end up dating, the dichotomy of happiness and jealousy I will feel might ACTUALLY kill me. — Taylor Davies (@shutupilovethat) February 20, 2015
If Emma Watson and Prince Harry are actually dating and eventually got married, who would be making who royalty? Ya know? — SS (@sahexy) February 20, 2015
I hope the rumors about Prince Harry and @EmWatson dating are true, and I hope they have beautiful half-muggle, half-royal babies. — Aly Keves (@alykeves) February 20, 2015
If the rumors are true and Emma Watson is really dating Prince Harry I give up on life that's the most perfect thing ever like can I be her — kelly (@kellyerika) February 17, 2015
If it turns out Prince Harry & Emma Watson are *actually* dating...life made. Hogwarts > Kensington Palace, but Emma as Duchess? YESSSS. — Jenny Martin (@readjennymartin) February 21, 2015

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