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Selena Gomez Reveals How To Take The Most Flawless Instagram Selfies

Do you ever sit staring at a Snapchat of yourself, praising every bit of evolution that led to the birth of such a flawless creature?

Shut the hell up; yes you do.

Even Selena Gomez does it. She does it so much, in fact, she has tips on how to become even better at snapping selfies. You know, instead of learning another language or spending an afternoon freeing a bunch of dogs from a kill shelter.

The pop star, who shared her insight with Teen Vogue, claimed the most important aspects to focus on when shooting a prime self-portrait are:

1. Lighting 2. Frames 3. Editing

Selena advised fans to use as much light as possible to avoid grainy posts and switch up poses to provide those annnnngles.

Also, this isn't “America's Next Top Model," it's your GD iPhone, you beautiful amateur. There's no set amount of frames you're forced to work within to get the perfect shot. Take as many snaps as you need to achieve that sweet, sweet Insta-validation.

Selena might be young, rich and gorgeous, but even she uses photo editing apps to get everything looking just right. Her favorite is the 8mm Vintage Camera app. It's just $1.99 in the App Store and, from the looks of it, makes it seem as though you're not even taking selfies on an iPhone, but on a shittier, older camera!

That is every last scrap of information you need to be the best auto-photographical artist to ever walk planet Earth. Now get out there and make Selena proud.

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