Selena Gomez Had An Adorable Reunion With Ex Niall Horan At The AMAs


It was an emotional night for Selena Gomez at the 2016 American Music Awards on Sunday.

The awards, which were hosted at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, were Gomez's first professional appearance after taking a mental health break and going to a rehabilitation center in Nashville, Tennessee earlier this year.

She spoke about that experience when she accepted the award for Favorite Female Artist- Pop/Rock. Her emotional acceptance speech was all about how she had to stop and take a break but appreciated her fans' support through all the hard times.

Congrats, @selenagomez! Here she is with a sweet message when accepting the #AMAs for Favorite Female Artist- Pop/Rock! pic.twitter.com/JCeE9IijDU — AMAs (@AMAs) November 21, 2016

But that was not all the young star had to endure in the course of the evening. Selena also had to face her alleged ex-boyfriend Niall Horan.

It's an experience many of us dread -- especially if we've just bared our souls in a deeply personal speech made to millions of people around the country.

But the two young stars seemed to handle the run-in with respect and care (unlike a certain other Selena ex who may not have handled the run-in with quite as much maturity).

According to E! News, Niall went up to Selena backstage, after she had given her award acceptance speech. He was on his way back to his seat but stopped to say hello to her.

They apparently shared a hug. Niall told her,

You did so good!

They also apparently hung out and talked in the audience during a commercial break "until the show went live again," according to E!.

Lucky for us, there were some photos captured of the interaction. Unlucky for us, the photos are not the best quality. So we'll just have to use our imagination to see the shine of the bright smiles I'm sure were on both their faces.

It was a pretty emotional moment for just about all of us out there.

Sometimes the heart just wants someone to be nice to you and give you a hug despite all the drama going on in your respective lives. Good on them for showing that respect.

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