Ryan Gosling's Story About His Daughter On Set Is Adorable

Listen: You're not new to Ryan Gosling, so when I share this dad story, keep your sh*t together.

You're not new to this.


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So keep your damn sh*t under control when this dad story emerges like a butterfly in spring, OK?

Fantastic. Here we go.

Ryan has spent the past four months in Hungary filming the “Blade Runner” sequel, “Blade Runner 2049,” with Harrison Ford.

Eva Mendes and the couple's two daughters are accompanying Ry for his stay in Budapest, and during a recent interview with GQ, he shared a set-visit story about his eldest daughter, 2-year-old Esmeralda.

RyGuy said,

She was on set the other day and I was doing a fight scene with Harrison and she just yelled out in the middle of the take, 'You're winning!' Well, first she said, 'You're doing great,' and then Harrison stopped in the middle of the take and said, 'What about me?'

Esmeralda wasn't too worried about Harrison, and Ryan was especially excited to show her the craftsmanship behind the film's set.

He said,

It's nice to share that. Especially with my oldest. All these sets have been made, and there's incredible craftsmen involved, all of the seamstresses making all these costumes, and the love and attention that's going into every detail— I really wanted her to see that.

Having Eva and the girls on location with him, Ryan shared, made shooting the film “possible.”

The 36-year-old added,

I know I couldn't be away this long.

Ryan considers Eva “ the dream mother,” and Esmeralda and Amada “dream babies,” insisting he feels “so lucky” to be living the dream that is his actual life.

While he's hidden away in Hungary, taking punches from Han Solo and getting paid to do it, his film “La La Land” continues to garner Oscar buzz.

Ryan sees the charming musical film as an escape from the “cynical time” the world currently faces.


Honestly, sign me right the heck up.

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