Ryan Gosling Joins Cool Dad Club By Getting A Hand Tat For His Daughter

Both Ryan Gosling and Kanye West are relatively new fathers. Gosling has a baby daughter, Esmeralda, with Eva Mendes.

Kanye, of course, has a daughter named North West with Kim Kardashian.

So, in order to commemorate being fathers, both Gosling and Kanye got fresh tattoos.

The famous fathers didn't coordinate their tats. They just happened to both get tattoos within a week of each other.

Gosling's tattoo spells out "Esme" across his knuckles. Kanye had roman numerals tattooed on the inside of his wrists.

On one wrist is his mother's birth date, North's birth date is on the other.

I guess it's cool when famous dads get tattoos to honor their young children.

It was decidedly less cool when my dad got an earring when I was 11 years old for no goddamn reason.

Here's Gosling's tat:

And here is Kanye's ink:

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