Claire Underwood Is Cheating On Frank With Ben Foster, Says She's Never 'Come More'


There's not a whole lot of sex in "House of Cards."

In the newly released third season, I can recall only one sex scene between Frank Underwood and Claire Underwood, the character played by Robin Wright.

Thankfully for Wright, art has not imitated life in this instance.

This much was evident when Wright spoke to Vanity Fair about her love life and relationship with actor Ben Foster.

Wright, who is 48, is engaged to 34-year-old Foster.

Of their relationship, Wright said,

That must be a real slap in the face to Sean Penn, Wright's former husband. However, Wright made sure to praise Penn in her interview.

She said,

That's a nice consolation for Penn, I suppose. But, it looks like Foster is the real winner here.

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