Robert Downey Jr. Gave A 7-Year-Old Boy A Real Iron Man Arm (Video)

by Adam Pliskin

Robert Downey Jr. plays a superhero in movies, but the guy is also something of a hero in real life.

Case in point: A 7-year-old boy named Alex was born with a partially developed right arm.

So, Tony Stark himself decided to deliver Alex a new bionic arm that looks just like Iron Man's.

A college student and bionics whiz named Albert Manero heard about Alex's story and built the little guy a low-cost bionic limb.

Both Downey Jr. and Alex tried on their robot arms when they met due to the efforts of The Collective Project and Albert.

Basically, this is a feel-good story in which a little kid gets to be a real-life Iron Man with the help of Iron Man.

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