Rob Kardashian Posts Video Of Blac Chyna Kissing Another Man In Instagram Rant

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Rob Kardashian is going on an insane rant on Instagram about Blac Chyna.

Starting around 10:30 a.m. ET on July 5, Kardashian began posting private sexual videos and photos of Chyna on his Instagram.

The first video was a short clip of Chyna kissing another man. Kardashian claims Chyna sent the video to him herself, but there's no other confirmation of this.

Elite Daily reached out to Chyna and Kardashian's teams for comment, but did not hear back by time of publication.

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The caption on the Instagram video says, 

Hahahaha Chyna just sent me this video saying happy 4th of July what a crazy person. Come spend time with your daughter instead of fucking me and then this dude right after. U need help

The other photos included nude photos Chyna allegedly sent to Kardashian. Kardashian posted screenshots of his text conversations with Chyna to show she had sent the pictures to him.

NONE of this is OK. It's borderline revenge porn. No matter what Chyna did to upset Kardashian, publishing nude photos of her without her consent is unacceptable and disgusting.

Kardashian posted a total of nine posts about Chyna, all claiming she's been sleeping with other men despite all of the things he's done for her in the past. (Hey, Rob, just because you bought her things doesn't mean she owes you anything.)

In several of the posts, Kardashian claims he paid for Chyna to have plastic surgery after she gave birth to their daughter, Dream. One of the captions read,

Everyone wonders how Chyna lost all that weight after the baby and she lies to everyone but no I'm such a great Husband that on our anniversary I paid 100K to do this surgery to get all everything fixed as much as they could. And then guess what she did after she was all healed when I was by her side the entire time. She left me and my baby which she had out of spite to get back at her other baby daddy. I can't believe u would disrespect me like this

This is one of the more tame posts. He also accused Chyna of drug use. He said,

And here comes to the drunk and on drugs Chyna. More receipts to come of all the drugs that were dropped off to her house yesterday including 100 bottles of Moët Rose she asked me to get her. U will never see Dream again unless u stop the alcohol and drugs and cocaine and X and E. lol. That's called the oparty pack… when was the last time u realized your daughter been with me instead of that crazy house that u bring men in and out. I never been this disrespected in my life by a woman. A woman I just paid 16k rent and Ferrari I just bought and lambo and 400k in Jewelry. Damn

Let me repeat this for good measure: No matter what Chyna did to make Kardashian snap, these posts are unacceptable at best and potentially criminal at worst.