Rihanna Recreated That Iconic 'Psycho' Scene, But There Was A Huge Twist


Leave it to Rihanna to dodge one of the most notorious murderers in the history of cinema.

The moment that "Bates Motel" fans have been waiting five seasons for finally arrived on Monday night, but RiRi put her own twist on that iconic shower scene.

It finally came time for Rihanna to recreate one of the most famous movie scenes of all time, as her character of Marion Crane stepped into the shower at Bates Motel.

Cue the creepy music, and the unsettling shots from outside the shower curtain, and then, finally, that iconic murd...

Wait, what? No scream, or murder? Fans expecting an exact recreation of the infamous shower stabbing scene from 1960's "Psycho" are thrown for a bit of a loop when the person ripping open the shower curtain isn't a murderous Norman Bates, but Rihanna herself.

As the tension builds in the shower scene, Rihanna totally rewrites the script when she exits the shower early, as alive as ever, complaining of the water pressure. So instead of this:


What viewers really get is Rihanna being much too slick to wind up murdered in a shower. Just look at her side-eyeing her way through the scene:


Check out Rihanna's not-so-bloody twist on the famous "Psycho" scene below.

Thank God for that terrible water pressure, huh?

Though Rihanna made it out of Bates Motel alive, the episode did deliver on the shower murder at the end of the episode, when Norman stabs Marion's boyfriend Sam Loomis in the shower.

In the original film, Sam is the hero of the story, who finds Norman after he kills Marion and subdues the split-personality killer. But "Bates Motel" has turned Marion and Sam's famous story on its head, reinventing Sam as a cheating womanizer.

The episode's director Phil Abraham told Entertainment Weekly he expressly did not want to do a shot-for-shot remake of Alfred Hitchcock's iconic scene, and wanted to play with the audiences expectations since they all assumed Rihanna would wind up with the same fate as Janet Leigh in "Psycho."

And now that RiRi has evaded Norman Bates, that's a wrap for her on "Bates Motel." Her character was only set for a two-episode arc, and Monday night's show was her second appearance.

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