Rihanna Has A Brother, And He's Even Sexier Than She Is

by Anna Menta

Look, Rihanna is hot AF.

I know this. You know this. Rihanna knows this. Drake DEFINITELY knows this.

But here's something maybe you didn't know: Rihanna has a brother. And guess what? He is ALSO HOT.

His name is Rajad Fenty, he's 20 years old, he tweets fairly regularly and he loves "Dragon Ball."

Why must I wake up to Dragon Ball Super spoilers on my TL — Rajad R Fenty (@RjFenty15) August 29, 2016

He is also very, very pretty.

OK, can someone please alert the scientists to preserve this family's genes should the majority of humankind go extinct, because DAMN.

Rajad is Rihanna's youngest brother (her brother Rorrey is 26 to Rihanna's 28), and the two were close growing up together in Barbados. Rih once said she always saw him as a son.

Now Rajad's all grown up at the age of 20, so it's totally fine to objectify him by his physical appearance, right? RIGHT?

Haha, just kidding, please don't murder me, Rihanna.

But seriously, I am going to objectify him.


His gentle eyes are staring into my soul. I feel their power healing me as I hold his gaze.

Those hipster glasses he wears intensify that healing power.

Also, can we talk about the crazy family resemblance between him and Rih?

They have the exact same nose and mouth!

It really doesn't seem fair one family should be THIS blessed by the DNA pool.

Here he is being beautiful on a fence.

Here he is being beautiful on the side of the road.

Here he is reflecting on life while the entire ocean is reflecting in his sunglasses, beautifully.

Look at him dutifully taking a selfie with his family.

Look at him judging you, sexily, over the rim of his glasses.

Now look at a picture of him as a tiny child to make you feel weird about calling him sexy.

In conclusion, Rihanna, your brother is very hot. These are just facts. Please don't hurt me.

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