The Most Revealing Grammy Dresses Of All Time

The Grammy’s are known to be the least formal of all the Awards Shows, and for good reason too. Put a bunch of musicians in a room to celebrate each other and you’re bound to have some fun.

The thing about the Grammy’s, though, is that the awards show has always been a bit risqué. So much so, that celebrities and musicians often over do it when it comes to dressing for the event. Here are some of the most revealing ensembles of the Grammy’s throughout the past few years.

Celine Dion, 1993

Jennifer Lopez, 2000

Toni Braxton, 2001

Christina Aguilera, 2004

Lil Kim, 2004

Margaret Cho, 2004

M.I.A., 2009

Paris Hilton, 2009

Rihanna, 2011. 2012

Anne V, 2012

Which one of these ensembles was most shocking to you?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images