Old Smoking Buddies: Quentin Tarantino Reminisces About Smoking Weed With Brad Pitt In France (Video)

I don't think any of us are surprised that Quentin Tarantino smokes weed and I'd say that we're also not that surprised that Brad Pitt has smoked the reefer.

However, it's a pretty nice surprise to hear that the two smoke weed together, not to mention before creating one of the best movies to come out about the Holocaust (second to "Schindler's List"). And even though we had no doubts that the two artists smoked the ganja, it's always nice to hear when they admit to it.

At such an important and iconic time for stoners, when weed legalization is slowly taking on with a force, we're always very excited and elated to hear that our favorite celebrities are on our side, only helping to enhance the positive image of marijuana.

Because if an award winning director and actor advocate the effects of the popular herb, then how bad can it possibly be?

H/T: Lexichronic, Top Photo Courtesy: WENN