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These Prince-Themed Christmas Trees Are Your Holiday Goals

I think we all know how the song goes...

Oh Princemas tree, oh Princemas tree... how lovely are your--

No? That's not it? Yikes, this is awkward.

Prince, a true showman, artist and, most importantly, musician, shockingly passed away in April of this year. But fans are honoring him still with their holiday decorations. It comes in the form of "Princemas trees."

That's right -- your boring old holiday tree could be an honor to the "Purple Rain" icon.

Lish Laynette showed off her picture on Facebook last week.


She wrote,

As you grow older and lose people holidays (life in general) can be tough for anyone. I figured maybe buying a tree would help ward off the depression I felt coming. Making it a Prince themed tree was a last minute joke/decision but looking at it makes me smile and laugh every day.

I admit she has a point. As you grow up, you absolutely remember those loved ones you've lost and how the holidays feel a little empty without them.

She took the chance to honor a musician who brought people a lot of joy to make her holidays a bit brighter.

She also wrote,

Let them know you love them... care for them. With all of the racism and hate in the world, spread good. Be kind and do something kind for someone tomorrow. Aspire to do it everyday!

Laynette inspired a lot of people to incorporate Prince into their own holidays...

Including COOKIES!


And take a look at this Prince snow globe!


But possibly the most iconic "Princemas" tradition is done in this Minnesota home.

Lights on Pascolo on YouTube

Not far from Prince's Paisley park estate is this light show paying tribute to the musician. The Staudt family is responsible for this annual display.

Mike Staudt told the Minneapolis Star Tribune,

Prince's passing meant so much to our community that we decided to do a short dedication during the intermission of our Christmas light show to honor him. We've received compliments on this part of our show and a few people have even mention it made them teary-eyed.

Meanwhile, I'll be trying to purify myself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka for this holiday season.

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