Poll: Who Should Taylor Swift Date Next?

Taylor Alison Swift is a relationship person.

She just feels most at ease when that part of her life is settled, decided and rocketing toward a disastrous conclusion that will inspire an album that pays for the renovations to her Tribeca apartment, ya know?

The thing is, Taylor Swift is a busy woman and a bona fide superstar. With a massive, worldwide fan base, there's no reason she needs to do her own boyfriend shopping anymore.

It is for this reason we, the Swifties, shall select Tay Tay's new lover on her behalf.

The pressure is low, here, you guys. All we have to do is select someone better than Tom Hiddleston, whom most of Taylor's fans thought was just an overly friendly cater waiter at the Met Ball before he became the latest UK export to carry her purse.

Will Zac Efron's delicious abs and sparkling personality finally bring Taylor eternal bliss? Or is there someone else better qualified to bring an end to her romantic restlessness? IDFK, honestly, you tell me. Please. Click below and tell me.