Pink Perfectly Reacts To People Who Fat-Shamed Her On Twitter

Fat-shaming is something that desperately needs to stop.

Hopefully, Pink's reaction to a recent spat of negative tweets might finally put a nail in the coffin of fat-shaming.

Pink recently attended a cancer benefit and received some nasty comments on Twitter due to her appearance.

Personally, I think she looked great, but there are those on Twitter who just had to troll her.

Pink Slams Critics Calling Out Her Weight Gain: 'I Feel Beautiful' - Tweet Us Your Reaction! http://t.co/rttc5nQBUc pic.twitter.com/aRrFTQsund — ET Canada (@ETCanada) April 13, 2015

However, Pink did not stand for this trolling. She owned her body and made no apologies for the way she looked.

She tweeted this out in response:

Willow said to me the other day whilst grabbing my belly-"mama-why r u so squishy?"And I said.."b/cuz I'm happy baby" pic.twitter.com/69wuVHg6QM — P!nk (@Pink) April 13, 2015
and my hubby says "it's just more to love baby" (and then I smack his hand off my booty cause we're in a supermarket) pic.twitter.com/Mnd6PIoKhK — P!nk (@Pink) April 13, 2015

And she brought it all home with a lengthy message for all the haters.

pic.twitter.com/fHdHg6II9g — P!nk (@Pink) April 13, 2015

Pink's fans agreed with her wholeheartedly.

Why am I seeing people talking about @Pink's weight? Are you INSANE? The woman is gorgeous Leave her fine ass alone, worry about your own. — Watty (@Wattyz) April 13, 2015
@Pink You're body is rocking and that dress was phenomenal. You've got an amazing kid! Who cares about the weight?! pic.twitter.com/lBXBtKrOEJ — Kristen Egbert (@kbegbert7) April 13, 2015
@Pink i have just read about ppl "concerned" about your weight. I think you look amazing! X — Gemma (@Gemalinapud) April 13, 2015
@Pink looks beautiful, skinny or with some weight on. She is beautiful inside and out. She is such an inspiration! — Sarah (@SarahLaingx) April 13, 2015

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