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Fans Are Losing It Over Calvin Harris' Topless Photo


Oh, hi Calvin Harris.

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What do you have there? A six pack? That's cool, that's cool... We're just over here sweating over this thirst trap, no big deal.

But you deserve this, Calvin. It's like your life is one of those movies where the nerdy girl finally becomes popular and hot and realizes she doesn't need the jock boyfriend.

In this case, we guess Taylor Swift would have been the cool significant other? Sorry to bring that up if you're still salty about that...

In case everyone forgot, Harris used to look like this:

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But you've come a long way, baby!

Needless to say, fans are taking notice. Like, a whole lot of notice.

This person became so excited they spilled water all over their three cats that are in love.


Matt is so in love that he wants to light Calvin Harris on fire so no one else can have him.


DICC - "DJing is crazy cool"


His body transformation has inspired fans to focus on eating more vegetables.


Do you think Calvin Harris calls them "undies?"

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