Pedro's Brother Says Napoleon Dynamite Movie Has Ruined His Life


Remember Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite? Well, the actor who played him has a twin brother, and he's not enjoying his brother's success at all.

Carlos Ramirez was sued by his brother, actor Efren Ramirez, for falsely impersonating him without his permission. Carlos was forced to pay Efren over $10 million and must now cease and desist from making public appearances posing as his brother.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Carlos explained that he had been making those appearances at Efren's request because Pedro was too busy to make them himself.

But he also admitted to taking this responsibility a bit to far.

The legal feud has completely destroyed their relationship and the two brothers are currently not on speaking terms. Carlos, however, wants to make amends and rekindle the partnership they once had.

Our hearts go out to Carlos and everyone else who didn't vote for Pedro.

Sean Levinson | Elite. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images