Paris Jackson Says Bad Casting Of Michael Jackson Made Her 'Want To Vomit'

by Eitan Levine
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Just like the rest of us, Paris Jackson isn't feeling too great about Joseph Fiennes playing her father in "Urban Myths."

Earlier this week, the first stills and trailer came out for Sky Arts for its controversial made-for-TV movie, and they're as bad as you'd expect.

The production has come under fire after it was announced pop icon Michael Jackson's role in the movie would be played by Joseph Fiennes, a white actor who threw on a layer of makeup and face prosthetics to appear like the late African American singer.

Sky Arts

Paris Jackson, Michael's daughter, went to Twitter after the trailer was released to express her disgust at Sky Arts for putting the movie together, saying the footage made her "want to vomit."

Paris isn't the first Jackson family member to speak up against the production.

Michael's nephew Taj Jackson tweeted at Soledad O'Brien after she mentioned her disapproval about "Urban Myths."

He says this treatment has become an unfortunate norm for the family.

The Jacksons aren't the only ones who have issues with the movie.

The internet as a whole seems to be uncomfortable with the idea of Fiennes taking on the role.

The problem with "Urban Myths" is, as much as the casting is clearly a big mess, the story sounds amazing. A lot of people are going to be forced to decided how much they are willing to semi-suffer to fight Hollywood's diversity problem.

Before you go "Duh! You obviously fight Hollywood's diversity problem!" this is the plot of the movie:

Based on one of the most bizarre urban legends of all times, "Urban Myths" follows a road trip Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando and Michael Jackson took on 9/11 from Manhattan to Ohio to escape New York.


A petition boycotting the movie currently has over 21,000 signatures with a goal of reaching 25,000.

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