Thanks To Trump, Paris Hilton's Song About Being President Isn't So Crazy

There are only 18 days until the presidential election. That's 18 days until Donald Trump could potentially become our nation's president.

We're all hopeful Ashton Kutcher is just going to pop out on November 8 and tell us we've all been "Punk'd."

That's probably why Ashton has been weirdly silent about this election. I'm onto you, Kelso...

Not all celebrities have been silent, though. These stars surely had something say:


None of them seem to be Trump fans.

But there is one genius celebrity who didn't just complain about the presidential debates.

Paris Hilton had all the answers to our problems EIGHT YEARS AGO. Why didn't we listen to you then, Paris? Paris tweeted this classic video last night.

In 2008, we were laughing at her song, "Paris For President." Right now, we're all wishing she actually was running.


The people of Twitter seem to agree with me, too.


The presidential candidates may not talk too much about climate change, but Paris has it covered. She sings, in what we can assume is her campaign speech,

Same-sex marriage was only legalized in the last year, but we'd probably have that equality earlier if we had listened to Paris in 2008:

Oh, and you want a candidate who cares about the economy and unemployment? Paris has got it covered. She croons,

Paris, you should have reminded us sooner of your excellence. You could have been the best option to be our Commander in Bikini.

It should have been #PARIS2016. She's the only precursor that makes sense to #KANYE2020.