Olivia Wilde Just Posted The Cutest Pic Of Her Baby Bump For A Great Cause

Olivia Wilde just put her gorgeous baby bump on display for the world to see -- and there's a powerful cause behind it (no, not Instagram likes).

The 32-year-old actress posted a photo sporting a fashionable hat, sun-kissed tan, pink bikini and... *drumroll, please* ...her baby bump!

Wilde is expecting her second child with 40-year-old Jason Sudeikis. She announced her pregnancy back in April and has been pretty reserved about her baby bump on social media -- until now.

The glowing star has never looked so alive.

So, what was Olivia's goal with her revealing baby bump photo?

No, she's not trying to show off how awesome her summer's going.

Wilde was all smiles as she showed her support for the second annual #BumpDay which kicked off last year. Bump Day encourages people everywhere (not just expectant mothers) to raise awareness about the need for proper maternal healthcare on a global scale.

According to the Bump Day website,

Over 830 women die every day as a result of pregnancy-related causes. Most maternal deaths are preventable with access to prenatal care in pregnancy, skilled care during childbirth, and care and support in the weeks after childbirth. You can help raise awareness about maternal health needs worldwide by posting and sharing on #BumpDay.

Olivia posted her #BumpDay photo in support of the movement.

Wilde's caption reads,

Join me today on #BumpDay to ask Congress to pass the #ReachAct so all moms have healthy pregnancies.

Olivia, you're a hero (and you look GREAT)!

A bunch of other celebrities helped raise awareness on #BumpDay, too. Here's Nicky Hilton.

Vanessa Williams

Jaime King

Learn more about #BumpDay and how you can help support the cause here.