Nick Viall Admits He Puts Pickles On His PB Toast And We Immediately Hate Him

by Eitan Levine

What the hell is up with Nick Viall's diet?

I'm not super sold on Nick as a person. I don't hate him as much as a large chunk of the internet seems to hate him and I do think he's earnestly trying to find love on the show, but I still think he seems like a real big tool.

He also eats like a complete maniac, which doesn't help his case from my perspective.

After several months of women asking Nick to tell them about himself, he recently sat down with Us Weekly to talk about himself, and he revealed 25 secret facts about his life.

The answers for the most part are fairly predictable.

He told Us,

1. I've never said no to a Chipotle meal. 2. My first kiss was when I was 14. 3. I memorized choreography from a workout video and performed it at a school dance when I was 15. 4. I don't believe in fate; I believe in my decisions. 5. I love going roller-skating and will show off my skills any chance I get. 6. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July. I'm pretty patriotic! 7. My favorite snack is whole-wheat toast and peanut butter topped with sliced pickles.



Here are some other answers he gave:

8. The best gift I ever got was a professional drawing table. It really inspired me to be more creative growing up. 9. I had terrible asthma as a kid, but I grew out of it. 10. I wanted to be a cartoonist for Disney as a kid. And I used to know all of the Disney songs by heart. 11. G.I. Joe was my favorite toy as a kid. 12. I hate mayonnaise!

You hate mayonnaise but are just CHOMPING down on freaking Vlasic and Skippy sandies, Nick?!?! What the sweet Christ is wrong with you?

13. I only drink hot coffee, even if it's 95 degrees outside. 14. I have a man crush on Brad Pitt. 15. If I could have a super-power, it would be teleportation. 16. My nickname in high school was 'Lunches' because I loved juice boxes that my brother thought were for children's lunches.

No, your nickname in high school was "Lunches" because you'd pack the weirdest freaking lunches. Were your juice boxes just Ketchup packets that you'd slurp out of, Go-Gurt style?!??!

17. My favorite place growing up in Wisconsin was my grandparents' lake house. 18. I like to be the big spoon in bed, but sometimes it's nice to go little. 19. I wish I could sing. 20. My favorite film is Quentin Tarantino's 1993 movie 'True Romance.' 21. I once won Clue on my first turn.

I'm going to puke.

22. My first car was a 1980 orange Toyota Tercel hatchback. Its name was Jose. 23. I ripped my big toe off playing volleyball. Don't worry: They reattached it. 24. The fastest mile I've run to date is 4:22. 25. My last meal would be thin-crust pizza with red wine. Cabernet, to be specific.

That last one does not make up for PicklePeanutButtergate.

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