Neil Patrick Harris' Kids Had Epic Swag On Their First Day Of Kindergarten

by Tim McGovern

Throw out your entire wardrobe.

Do it!


No, I don't have time to answer any questions. I'll explain in about 111 words from now.

Neil Patrick Harris has the most legen... (wait for it) ...dary life I can possibly think of.

He's in the perfect marriage with his husband David Burtka.

That's some serious marriage goals, right there.

He also has the two cutest kids on planet Earth, 5-year-old twins Harper and Gideon.

They are seriously so cute that if your soul was actually coal you'd get a diamond because it'd be crushed by their cuteness.

Hey, do you remember stressing out about what you were going to wear for your first day of school? My outfit usually involved sweatpants.

Why yes I did dress a lot like Charlie from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."

Well, Harper and Gideon blew my back to school outfit out of the water with the swag they had for their first day of Kindergarten.

How can the other kids even compete for coolness?

It's not even a contest. Shut it ALL down.

Gideon looks like that cool bartender who has your favorite drink memorized, and Harper looks super glam.

Of course, NPH was monumentally wistful saying goodbye to his kids before they headed off to get themselves a fixin' for high learnin'.

Heh, trust me, Neil. One minute they're kids, the next they're 20-somethings showing you how to work the new iPhone.

OK, so I don't have kids (sorry, Mom), but I think that was a healthy guess.

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