This 2-Year-Old Looks Exactly Like Harry Styles And He's Killing It (Photos)

by Gillian Fuller

Not long ago, 2-year-old Michael Rangamiz's mother realized how much her son looks like Harry Styles of One Direction.

She decided to share the kid's cuteness with the world -- via Instagram, of course.

The account is filled with snaps of her half-Iranian, half-Russian son rocking outfits torn straight from Styles' style book. The kid is his mini-me.

And while some would call this child exploitation, we have to admit the kid is freakin' cute as hell -- not to mention, a total heartbreaker just like the full-sized Styles.

Check out some of the cutest snaps from the account below.

Big Harry versus Little Harry.

The kid knows how to pose.

His mother refers to him as the "Iranian Harry Styles."

And she's pretty dedicated to the cause.

People seem to love the account.

It has over 46,000 followers.

But he's not always copying Harry Styles.

Sometimes, he just shows off his adorable fashion...

...or dresses up like Michael Jackson.

Mini-Michael loves the camera.

And the camera loves him.

His photos get thousands of likes.

But, are you really surprised?!

Look at that face!

Harry Styles, step aside.

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