Miley Cyrus Didn't Show Up To Accept Her Huge Teen Choice Award & Fans Are Concerned

by Jamie LeeLo
Jason Koerner/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Wait a second, something is missing. Miley Cyrus is not at The Teen Choice Awards and it has a bunch of fans concerned. This is because she's supposed to be honored at the show with the Ultimate Choice Award for her involvement the past ten years, and also because she was tagged to be a performer on tonight's stage. Miley, are you OK?! Call us!

Fans are speculative, as both Cyrus and her boo-thang Liam Hemsworth are MIA. You better TRUST we were pumped to swoon over them tonight.

Hemsworth has been back on the public brain ever since fiancé and on-again-off-again partner Miley made it cool to write love songs again. After debuting her new hit "Malibu" that she specifically wrote about Hemsworth, the happy couple has been low-key rekindling their flame and living happily in – you guessed it – Malibu, California.

Hemsworth recently posted a photo of the two sitting on a couch looking weirdly normal with the caption, "My little angel and I," followed by a post from Miley of herself playing guitar. Her caption read, "Seems all I can do... is write songs about YOU."

Stahp, you guys. Our hearts can't handle it.

We were looking forward to more of this kind of goofball romance on the red carpet tonight, but the pair is so weirdly missing and leaving all of us unsettled and curious to see what happens when it's time for Miley's award. Dear lord, please don't let Jake accept it on her behalf.

Fans are worried on Twitter (and hilariously guessing Jake might have something to do with Cyrus' absence).

Maybe she'll call in? Maybe she'll FaceTime us? Maybe she'll ride in on a rainbow and it's all a big stunt to throw us off? We'll just have to stay tuned.

We're here for you, girl. Whenever you're ready to come on stage, there are millions of us waiting with open arms.