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Miley Cyrus & Billy Ray's "Stand" Duet Will Take You Back To 'Hannah Montana'


Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray are the ultimate father-daughter duo, there's no question about it. If you love their relationship, then you'll be psyched to know a new duet is coming and it's basically "Butterfly Fly Away" part two. Yup, Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray's new duet, "Stand," is on its way. Elite Daily had the chance to speak with Billy Ray on the 2017 VMAs red carpet and learn the details about the new song and the special meaning behind it.

Billy Ray first talked about his new album Set The Record Straight which is coming out this November. He explained,

Well said, Billy Ray, well said. The message of "Stand" is obviously very powerful and something our world needs to hear, especially in this political climate. When asked about the process for writing the song, Billy Ray told us,

Of course, fans can't help but think about Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus' Hannah Montana days after hearing that the song is called "Stand."

The two actually sang a duet called "Stand" on the show (you can listen to it in the video above). Fans can expect Billy Ray's new song to remind them of the olden days, that's for sure. Clearly, the song means a lot to the proud dad. He explained,

"Stand" and Billy Cyrus' new album will be out November 10.