Mike Tyson Getting Infamous Face Tattoo Removed

by Colby Eis

Famous boxing legend Mike Tyson is in the process of getting his infamous face tattoo removed.

Tyson got the tattoo on his face years ago and now it has become a part of the man he has become. Turns out that Tyson has changed his mind about the tattoo and has decided to get it removed.

Mike Tyson was featured in the first two "Hangover" movies and his face tattoo was used on Ed Helms character Stu during the second film. Tyson's original tattoo artist even pressed charges against the film's studio for stealing his "art" without paying him anything.

Tyson is starting the laser removal treatment today and he just tweeted about it:

"At the doctors office this morning. Getting this tattoo removed from my face. This is going to be painful."

Good luck Mike!

UPDATE 11:56 am: It turns out that it was just an April Fools joke.

Brian Black | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images