The Age-Guessing Robot Somehow Thinks North West Is 34 Years Old

In the Kardashian West family, North West is the real adult. She's even beaten Kris Jenner, her grandmother.

At least that's how Microsoft's age-guessing robot, How-Old.net, sees the situation. Earlier today, the website held social media's attention captive by promising to guess your age from a single image.

Let's get real. This is the Internet, so of course people began trolling the age 'bot immediately.

Adult Swim's Twitter uploaded pictures of Gandalf from "Lord of the Rings," while Mashable went with the zombies from "The Walking Dead."

I immediately uploaded photos of all my favorite celebrities, only to unwittingly stumble upon the (Illuminati?) truth behind the Kardashian clan.

How-Old.net happily accepted a submission of Kris, Kim, Kanye and North West at Paris Fashion Week before spitting out a very puzzling age estimate.

It seems little North West, previously thought to be nearing 2 years old, is actually 34. She's probably thinking about putting a down payment on a house. On the other hand, twins Kim and Kris are 26.

The strangest part? Kanye West is 36, just one year younger than his real age.

There is something strange in the Kardashian water, that's for sure.