Mark Hamill Made Trump's Tweets Bearable By Recording Them In His Joker Voice

by Alexandra Svokos
Warner Bros. / REUTERS

Mark Hamill, who you probably know better as Luke Skywalker from "Star Wars," has been trolling Donald Trump in an extremely delicious way.

You may have known that Hamill played Luke, but you may not have known that he also voiced the Joker in "The New Batman Adventures," which was an animated series in the 1990s.

That's right, Hamill lives among the iconic Joker portrayals of Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and Jared Leto.

Hamill has just started putting his Joker voice to good use by making fun of Trump.

Hamill's Twitter account has long been a source of troll-y joy for "Star Wars" fans and other fun-loving nerds of the world. But he made it even better this weekend by taking on the president-elect.

It all started when comedian Patton Oswalt boosted an idea to have Trump's insane, childish tweets be read in Hamill's Joker voice. Oswalt called out to Samantha Bee, John Oliver and Hamill to see if he could make it happen.



Trump's tweets sound almost comedically villanous (I say "almost" because it's not funny when he's about to get control of the nuclear codes), so it makes sense to have them be read in a comedic villain voice.

Hamill was on-board with the idea, referring to Trump as #Trumputin and #KremlinCandidate.

But he said he didn't know how to put a sound clip onto a tweet. If only Carrie Fisher were around to show him how to make a hologram.

But, with the help of some other Hamills, Mark was able to make the sound clip happen.


So now, you can hear Hamill as the Joker saying Trump's ridiculous New Years tweet right here:

Not bad, huh?

This is a perfect example of exactly what the internet was created for. People come up with creative ideas and then collaborate across vast distances to move the ideas into reality.

We're looking forward to much more of these as we get closer to Trump's presidency, especially since it's clear the biggest thing to get under Trump's skin is straight-forward childish mocking.