Mark Ballas Marries BC Jean In Breathtaking Ranch Wedding

Mark Ballas is married now, so pack up your Mrs. Ballas vision boards and move the hell on, people.

The “Dancing With The Stars” regular and now-wife BC Jean (it stands for Brittany Jean Carlson and not, as I assumed, British Columbia Jean) made it official on Friday, November 25, with a ceremony at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, TMZ reports.

Fellow dancers Derek and Julianne Hough, Jenna Johnson, Hayley Erbert and Sharna Burgess were among the 160 guests in attendance.

Best Man Derek shared a photo of the bride and groom on Instagram, comparing them to a tree and using phrases like, “Stay grounded and dig your roots in deep so that you may weather any storm.”

Mark and BC shared a slightly sharper version of the same photo, simply marking the date of their wedding.

The point is, this photo is everyone's favorite. All other photos are background noise. This photo will be etched on the front of the Ballas family tomb and guard their bodies when they pass in the night, years from now, like the old couple in “The Notebook.”

Of his and BC's nuptials, Mark told PEOPLE,

It's a wild feeling … Your wedding is something you subconsciously prepare for your entire life. You wonder who it's going to be with, where it is going to be and how the ceremony and reception are going to be. Now it's finally here and happening. It's surreal. I just want to soak it all up because I just know I'm going to click my fingers and the whole evening will be over and I want to make sure I enjoy it.

The pair has a lifetime of happiness to look forward to with its dog, Hendrix, and any Ballas babies in the future.


Until the bride and groom are ready to make the jump to parenting a human, Hendrix is holding it down.


No, really, he's got it.


Look into his eyes and tell him he doesn't have it.


You can't.


Following some low-key, romantic honeymoon time, the couple will dive back into passion project, Alexander Jean.

Yeah. They're a married, dog-parenting indie duo. Get over it.

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