Mariah Carey Worked Out In Fishnets And Heels, Is Least Relatable Celeb Ever


If a woman bathes in diamonds, so shall she work out in heels.

Mariah Carey proved, once again, she is the “least relatable celeb,” a phrase we like to throw around quite a bit here at Elite Daily, when, in actuality, Mariah herself owns those three words.

Being “relatable” has never been a priority for Mariah. Being inspirational? Being extravagant? Being charming and totally insane? These are the virtues that drive her.

On Thursday, Mariah tossed on some stiletto boots, probably did that boob scoop thing women do to make their cleavage look 4 percent better and sashayed into a training session with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

She casually lifted weights with no concern for form or— hold on. What's that?

Is that caption a reference to the timeless, coming-of-age Judy Blume masterpiece “Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.”?

But… wait… that would mean…


The sudden realization Mariah Carey was not born into the world a fully grown woman, dressed in a silk robe, fur heels and belting sick runs with one hand on her ear and the other flailing through the air is shocking.

This is a woman who glazed her apartment walls to look “like candy” (re: her episode of “Cribs”) and then climbed into a sensual bath on national television.


The thought she, of all people, was once a 12-year-old who potentially got her period at a local screening of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” suddenly makes her the most relatable celebrity of all time.

Anyone can look at someone like Tom Hanks or Taylor Swift and know they've lived their not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman years, but someone like Mariah existing as a gawky normal is all any of us need to imagine to feel close to her.

Wow, Mimi. One of us. One of us. One of us.